Martin Boss

Martin Boss

A Few Things From 2022

Jan 24

Getting Twitter: A Follow-Up

Nov 21

A European in the US of A

Nov 09

My Writer's Block

Jul 05

How to Twitter: The Martin Way

May 01

My Tactical Getting Unstuck Kit

Apr 27

Your Writing is Good Enough

Apr 24

Developer-Driven Products

Apr 20

Be a Transparent Manager

Apr 17

Reconcile Your Personal-Professional Divide

Apr 13

Love Product Management

Apr 10

Be an Effective Product Manager

Apr 06

I'm a Product Manager Who Knows How to Code

Apr 03

Be a Good (People) Manager

Mar 30

Founder and Product Manager Mistakes

Mar 27

Bug Fixes vs Features

Mar 23

Changing Careers: Where to Start?

Mar 20

One Day in the Life of a Product Manager

Mar 16

My Favorite Product Management Tools

Mar 11

My Product Management Backstory

Mar 09

My Budgeting Story

Mar 03

My Diary in a Nutshell

Mar 01

Your Voice Matters

Feb 27

Why Notes, Why Diary?

Feb 23

Book Notes: Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse

Feb 20

So Why Do I Write?

Feb 16

Book Notes: The Steal Like An Artist Trilogy by Austin Kleon

Feb 13

Not Today, Bikini Bottom: Mindful and Sliced Procrastination

Feb 09

Book Notes: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Feb 06

Effort + Randomness + Imperfections = Exciting

Feb 02

Book Notes: Peak by Anders Ericsson, Robert Pool

Jan 28

Give Sustainably

Jan 26

Book Notes: No Hard Feelings by Liz Fosslien, Mollie West Duffy

Jan 23

To-Do's, Can-Do's, and The Art of Productive Procrastination

Jan 19

Starting on the First Pull

Jan 15

Grinding Coffee Mindfully

Jan 12

I Kicked My Calorie Counting Habit

Jan 09

Taking Notes from Audiobooks and Podcasts

Jan 06

Here be Ghosts

Jan 02

Personal Website 4.0

Dec 29

Me + Audiobooks: The Love Story

Dec 26