Meh is the True Neutral

It's how I feel about life sometimes.
Meh is the True Neutral


That's how I feel about writing sometimes.

Hell, that's how I feel about all kinds of stuff sometimes. About life.

Neutral. Indifferent. Impassive. Meh.

Meh is not a negative feeling, though. It's not apathy and it's not lethargy. It's not emptiness or hopelessness. It's not a dark swamp I'm drowning in. Meh feels more like being suspended in nothingness. It feels neutral. Meh is the true neutral.

Sometimes meh is fine. It's fine when I'm not in a rush to live. To chase dreams. To seek meaning. As if this ever happens. But when it does, meh is an opportunity for awareness. A brief moment of inner peace. Not doing. Not thinking. Being.

But other times, meh is annoying. Not distressingly annoying, like apathy is. Just a little unwelcome. Untimely. It's when I have things to do. Thoughts to think. Feelings to feel. Writing to finish. Money to make. Dogs to pet. Friends to talk to. Life to life.

Still, I'm often too antagonistic to my meh. Passive aggressive. Active aggressive. Kicking it for no reason. Being the bad guy. Meh is just trying to do its best. Suggesting I take a break from productivity. From productive procrastination. Just be. It's good advice. I should listen.

Meh is not conducive to action. But it's not conducive to inaction, either. Those darker ones are, but not meh. Meh is the point of equilibrium between action and inaction. The true neutral. Easy to part ways with. I don't need to kick myself out of meh, or shake myself out of meh.

I just need to decide to take action.

It's that simple.