Debate Me

Thank you for arguing.

Hey friends,

As someone who grew up a socially awkward nerd, I'm always fascinated by people with debating skills. People capable of not just calmly and methodically defending their own opinions, but also changing the minds of others.

The only "official" debate I ever took part in was a mock debate on weed legalization back in high school and I had little interest in either the topic or the process, so I got nothing out of it. Today I would kill for a free debating class, but back then it was a concept completely alien to me.

Lately, I've been paying more attention to how I participate in arguments. And, well, I'm not good at arguing. Generally, I try to avoid arguments. But whenever I have to argue about a topic I feel strongly about with someone on the other side who's as passionate about it (or just trolling), I end up getting worked up immediately and making an absolute clown of myself. Not just annoying, but also doesn't help the cause if I'm arguing about something I consider important.

So, I've once again decided to try leveling up my debating skills. For some reason, it seems that adult debates aren't a thing – most of the guided resources I found so far (classes, coaching, tournaments) are geared towards kids, students, executives, but not regular adults. Not just locally, but even online. And as a big fan of deliberate practice I know I won't be as efficient trying to figure it out myself.

It seems that I'll have to find a private debate coach that doesn't mind working with a regular boring ass adult, not a student or exec. Any leads?

What's your arguing style?

Have a productive week,


A few thoughts

Each person is a universe. We're the main characters of our own life stories, but so is everyone else around us. I'll never stop getting fascinated by the idea that random strangers have as much and more going on inside their minds as I have inside my own.

That time of year again. Every year I try to prepare for the fall season as much as I can, and every year it still hits me like a train with its gloomy weather, its colds and flus, dreariness.

Enjoyed this

WHO recommends malaria vaccine that will be rolled out next year. Hopefully another terrible disease down soon thanks to science, a whole lot more to go. Rooting against cancer and Alzheimer's next.

Omens of exceptional talent. "I’m often asked about the signs of exceptional talent I’ve observed, probably because I spend too much running around talking to people & observing things, instead of doing anything useful."

The fun part

Spring can't come soon enough. Seeing if a 10,000 lux lamp makes a difference.