Do, Think, Share, Pick Two

Or be an extremely ruthless prioritizer.

Hey friends,

Last week's edition was a bit longer-winded and more personal than usual, so let's make this one shorter and less personal. Not only for the sake of balance, but also because I'm still jetlagged after my Saturday's flight into the US and feel dumb.

Whenever I see people actively share details about their work or life on social media, my first question is "how do you find time for this???". After observing myself and friends for a while I figured there are two possible answers:

  • People who do this are great time managers
  • People who do this don't actually have time for this

Some people are just that good at managing their time, which allows them to both do a great job at whatever they're doing and share the details of what they're doing with the rest of the world. I admire these kinds of time managers and storytellers!

Others have a lot going on both in their lives and on their socials despite the fact that they don't actually have time for it all. How do I know they don't? They only manage to keep it going for a brief period of time until it falls apart and their socials go dark.

I usually find myself in the latter category. No matter how much I want to tell my story, I just feel like I never have the time for it. I'm always balancing "doing" with "thinking" (or "planning"), and even that feels challenging. Adding "sharing" to the mix feels very much impossible since it never feels important enough.

Not sure if you have to be a natural born time manager and storyteller to be capable of leading a balanced and productive life and having enough capacity left to tell a great story about it, or if it's something that can be mastered. I'll let you know if I find the answer, though.

Have a worthwhile week,


A few thoughts

Hate it or adapt. I used to keep getting annoyed by snow every winter since it makes going about your day that much harder. This year, I finally decided to try adapting to it by getting myself a set of lightweight winter clothes that aren't such a drag to wear. Will see if it makes it better.

The smell of the US. Last year, during my first visit to the US, I noticed it had a certain barely discernible but pleasant scent to it that I couldn't quite put my finger on. This is my third time here and the scent was the first thing I noticed as soon as I entered Newark Liberty International Airport. What is it?

Enjoyed this

Is the Dulles Airport Marriott worth it? My bruuutally honest room tour! Stumbled upon Scott's website after googling "why do airport marriotts look outdated" and spent the next hour reading his hotel reviews for no reason other than their hilarity (and a little curiosity).

A Life-Extension Drug for Big Dogs Is Getting Closer to Reality "San Francisco biotech company Loyal wants to close that gap, and is developing an experimental drug to extend the lifespan and improve the quality of life of large and giant dog breeds. Today, the company announced that based on early data, the US Food and Drug Administration has determined that Loyal’s drug has a “reasonable expectation of effectiveness.”"

The fun part

Window seats are the best: