Follow the Rules v. Get Shit Done

Let me think about it. Yeah, let's do it.

Hey friends,

When you have a choice between getting something done quickly or taking your time to follow the rules to get it done correctly, which one do you usually choose?

Sure, it's a false dichotomy. You can cut some corners, but not all of them. You can act quickly, but not rashly. Trusting your gut instinct and experience isn't incompatible with following the rules. But sometimes it is. What do you do then?

From observing the people I interact with on a regular basis I feel they tend to skew one way or another. Some of my friends are more methodical and analytical, others are more biased towards action. There are benefits and drawbacks to either of these approaches. Bias towards action means getting shit done faster, but also getting shit wrong more often. Bias towards analysis means making fewer mistakes, but also making less progress.

The most successful people I know are either heavily skewed towards one of these approaches or can adjust their bias on the fly. I'm biased towards action, which is a blessing and a curse. I've gotten to where I am mostly due to saying "yeah let's do it" to too many things too quickly, but I also made most of my mistakes this way.

Are you a "yeah let's do it" person or a "let me think about it" person? Or both?

Have a productive week,


A few thoughts

The common cold is really common. More than 200 different viruses are known to cause common cold symptoms. Kudos to our immune systems for ensuring we only feel like crap due to cold a few times a year, not permanently.

(Para)social interactions. Where's the line between parasocial and social when you get a chance to experience a friendly interaction with a media personality? And was the interaction you experienced actually genuinely friendly?

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The fun part

Roses are red violets are red ladybugs are red and my ol' bike is alive and red and so are many other good things in life ❤️🍎🍒🔻🔺🟥⭕❤️