Manifest Urgency

For those times when you're feeling a little too complacent.

Hey friends,

My first week back home after the US trip was a blast. And by blast I mean intense – I'd wake up, immediately get to work, take a few hours break in the evening to hang out with one of my friends (all of whom I haven't seen in a while), then work some more at night because why not.

Cheesy, but these kinds of schedules make me feel alive – even if they're unsustainable in the longer run due to the lack of time for awareness and self-reflection. But on Thursday, my evening hangout got canceled, putting an end to my perfectly intense productive-sociable schedule, and my brain immediately switched into downtime mode – feeling tired, procrastinative, unwilling to do anything at all – work or play. I spent a few days like this, then decided to try bringing back some sense of urgency that made me feel so alive. How? No plan, but I thought I'd just try recapturing some of that feeling. This was last Sunday.

A week later, I'm happy to report that manifesting urgency has worked wonders! Last Monday began with me feeling productive, I socialized a bit in the evening, and then a whole bunch of things went south with the project and I spent most of the week frantically trying to deal with like a dozen issues at once with little time for anything else. Oh, and I also got a tooth abscess on top of everything else.

So that was a bit too much urgency for one week, but I still enjoyed it more than feeling complacent and wallowing in procrastination. (It's almost like I don't have a happy middle ground.) This week, I'm turning down urgency and turning up awareness a bit by committing to spending an hour every morning on self-reflection and organization before jumping into work. Will report back.

What's your relationship with urgency?

Have a balanced week,


A few thoughts

Complacency is not an option. Lately, I've had a few friends who had their jobs taken away from them after years of stability and diligent work. Whenever I start to get complacent, I remind myself that nothing lasts forever, no matter how stable it feels in the moment. That immediately adds urgency to my life.

Just do it. My dentist has been telling me to pull this tooth for a few years now, but I kept postponing it because it rarely caused issues (I had root canal done on it a decade ago so it's basically 99.9% dead). Had I listened to her and just done it a few years ago instead of hoping for the best, I'd have a much better time right now.

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