The 1000x People

How can some people get 1000x more done than the rest of us?


I've been thinking about starting a newsletter for a while now. Last year, I had a great time writing daily for 129 days and publishing bi-weekly for 18 weeks. But newsletters are different, and I never gotten around to starting one. Let's see how it goes. Trying to keep it as minimal as possible.

Last week, I've been thinking about the 1000x people a lot. Once in a while, I come across a person seemingly capable of accomplishing 1000x more than the rest of us in the same amount of time. And every time I wonder how it's even possible.

Friends think I'm a workaholic, but I'm nowhere near 1000x. And it's not just about work. These people are everywhere. A lot of them are entrepreneurs, obviously. But there are 1000x engineers. Writers. Artists. Athletes. There are also also 1000x friends. 1000x parents. The 1000x people.

I don't think it's purely about productivity. I've been hopping on and off the productivity train in the past years, and I tried various productivity techniques. It certainly helps, and I've had 1000x days and weeks - but I don't think it's the secret to becoming a 1000x person.

What's the secret? I don't know. Intrinsic motivation is probably at the core of it. Being driven by the act of getting things done. That's what lets you sustain the 1000x multiplier week over week, month over month, year over year, with minimum overhead and downtime.

But maybe I'm totally wrong. Let me know if you have a better answer. Also let me know who you think some of the 1000x people are.

Have a great week ahead,


A few thoughts

Be intensely yourself. Pick one or two of your traits and triple down on them for a few days. Actively keep them in mind when going about your day. See what a massive difference it makes.

Diversely-good days. These make me feel the best. It's when I've actively accomplished something in a few areas of life, such as work, fitness, social life. Actively is the key here. Making life happen instead of letting it happen.

Banana + tomato = melon. I mindlessly threw a cherry tomato in my mouth while eating a banana, and it tasted like a melon. Seriously, give it a try. I'm curious what's behind this phenomenon, but I'll make a point not to google.

Loved reading this

A Plea for the Horizontally Organized "When I put something in a file, I never see it again. The problem isn't that I can't find it (although that has happened), but that I don't look. I am constitutionally incapable of opening a filing cabinet and fishing out a half-finished project to resume working on it."

How to Be an Expert Fear-Driven Person "An expert fear-driven person doesn’t typically end their life in ruin. Typically, total ruin requires really bold decisions: quitting your job to do something crazy or trying an injectable drug. Instead, a more casual kind of ruin is likely. You know—half-fulfilling social life, lots of TV, lallygagging through pastimes that used to bring occasional excitement but are now maintained for the mere sake of avoiding stillness and quiet."

Is It My Fault You Can't Handle The Truth? "When you think that others are being hyper-sensitive, perhaps it's a good time to consider whether you are being super-reasonable."

The Power of Reducing Importance "So, one thing I’ve been trying to do recently (especially when something urgent pops up where I feel that sort of frantic energy bubbling up inside me) is to take a breath and remind myself to turn down the seriousness dial in my mind. By acknowledging that most tasks aren’t life-or-death situations, I can approach them with a lighter, more relaxed attitude."

The end

That's the first newsletter. Whaddya think? The structure of this one has been inspired by at least 3 people I admire. Can you guess who they are?