Your Voice Matters

Don't end up on the wrong side of history.

As a Russian, Latvian, Ukrainian and Belarusian (25% each) rolled into one who was born in Moscow and raised in Latvia, I got a thing to say.

During the last (but also first) 10 years of my conscious life, I've tried to stand up for what's right. Against hypocrisy, against lies, against injustice. Against inertia and apathy, too. Against the whole "We can't do anything about it. It doesn't matter what I do. Everything's been decided for us".

And I wasn't always successful at it. I was silent where I could've been more vocal. I didn't do enough where I could've been more active. I was oftentimes wrong. But you're only 100% right when you avoid doing anything at all.

A few days ago, my de jure motherland with a senile dictator at the helm has declared war not just on a country that's near and dear to my heart, but also on the whole modern world.

In other words, Putin has declared a senseless war on Ukraine not without the support of the silent, often intimidated population, turning (in part my) Russia into an international scarecrow slash laughing stock.  


I don't have a lot to say to those supporting this, openly or not. You're already on the wrong side of history, and may the post-singularity superintelligence be your judge.

Massive respects to those standing up against this by any means necessary, especially in places where it's dangerous to do this.

My main message is to those who disagree, but stay silent thinking "what will it change?".

Yes, it will. Yes, even a flag on your profile picture. Yes, even a post or a comment stating your opinion. No, nothing is decided for us. Yes, your voice matters.

P.S. Staying silent for a little longer just might land you on the wrong side of history together with the rest of the gang there.